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11 hours ago

Types of Microscopes and their Uses

Micro-objects are magnified manifold by microscopes as you will understand from the microscope diagram and functions. There have been major discoveries due to different types of microscopes used in biology. Some of the commonly used microscopes are as follows:

Light Microscope

The light microscope is also called the optical microscope. This is also a type of compound microscope that is used to view microorganisms. The light microscope has different lens that help magnify images of the microorganism or specimens loaded on the stage. The eyepieces have a magnification power of 10x or 16x. The light microscopes are the types of microscopes used in anatomy and physiolo

2 days ago

Can Grief Cause Physical Pain?

According to John E. Sarno, M.D. In his book, "The Divided Mind", your emotions of grief and loss may be the cause of some or all of your physical pain!

The theory behind this is that the mind will reduce oxygen to certain parts of the body to cause physical pain so as to cover-up or distract you from the emotional pain, so you don't have to face it.

Consider for a moment if a person were molested as a child. In order not to have to deal with the emotional pains, the body would "protect" the person by making them have stomach pains.

It can work the same way with the emotions of grief. If after your loss you have started having pains in your body that you, and maybe even

2 days ago

Chiropractic specialist physicians provide their therapy with the help of information

These therapy features are now made available to all areas of the world and most amazing thing can be found in the fact that the individuals are recognizing this therapy as very efficient for certain illnesses that were not treated by any other way of therapy. This rehab service, known as Deerfield chiropractic therapy, is very efficient on physical as well as emotional conditions. Everyone is finding Deerfield chiropractic therapy very efficient on issues brought on by psychological or emotional pressure, memory foam issues etc. The methods of treatments are also not just like the conventional methods of treatments.

The Chiropractic specialist physicians provide their therapy with the help of information, homeopathy, physical rehabilitation, x-rays, and other contact treatments. These treatments are done with the help of certain creams, concept sebum, and gadgets that are very efficient on all programs. In this type of therapy, the sufferers are not confessed in the treatment centers and the Deerfield chiropractic medical centers as long as it does not become absolutely inevitable. The sufferers are given discussions in the medical centers but they are released daily with certain recommendations that they can adhere to at their place as well. Due to this, this therapy of Insurance chiropractic is relatively less expensive than the other programs that are available at all locations.

The Insurance Chiropractor specialist is the name of a reliable institution of Chiropractic treatment that is becoming more popular all over the United States of America. Individuals are displaying improving interest in this kind of treatment and at the same time they are getting the advantages as well. The Insurance Chiropractor specialist services are neck pain treatment carried out by expert and professional those who know are lower back pain well knowledgeable in this kind of treatment. The treatment procedure at the Los Angeles insurance chiropractic specialist contains certain steps like diagnostics, decompression treatment, Ultrasound examination, Physical rehabilitation, massage therapy, and Electric muscle stimulation, etc. There is no doubt that the ever improving reputation of Insurance Chiropractor specialist certainly indicates that the future of treatment will mostly rely upon this method of providing effective treatment.

Insurance Chiropractor specialist therapy has grown essential because of its ability to prevent the incapacity of the above mentioned systems resulting in a reduction of overall physical level of resistance. The malfunction of the backbone is the main cause of body pain. Hence, it is essential cure the vertebral system.

3 days ago

Which Pain Relief Cream Works Best?

We all want to get through

the day without aches and pains. Yet millions of people around the world live

in constant pain. Pain Relief Creams promise to make us feel better. We want to

believe that that pain in the knees, lower back pain or pain in the neck and

shoulders will simply vanish once we apply a cream. But, do they really work?

Is one pain relief cream

better than another? Does it matter what massage cream or pain relief cream you

buy? Is there a correlation between price and success rate? What about

ingredients? Are there ingredients in any of the dozens of pain relief creams

that really work? How much of the relief we

3 days ago

Oklahoma Bombing: Tulsa Race Riot of 1921


"Air Strike Kills 75": in times of global strife this is the kind of print or streaming televised headline seen almost daily, and should produce no sense of surprise in anyone. A few things of key interest, however, may set this seemingly routine news item apart from others of its kind.

4 days ago

Betting on blockchain: firms seek fortune in bitcoin's plumbing

LONDON A year ago, bitcoin was widely dismissed as little more than a way for drug-dealers and terrorists to move money around anonymously. Now, some of the world's biggest banks and companies are buying into the technology behind it.

Underlying the controversial web-based "cryptocurrency" is the blockchain - a massive ledger of every bitcoin transaction ever made that is verified and shared by a global network of computers.

But the data that can be secured by the blockchain is not restricted to bitcoin transactions. Any two parties could use it to exchange other information, including stock deals, legal contracts and property records, within minutes and with no need for a th

2 weeks ago

India Chemical Fertilizers Market Outlook, 2021: Fertilizers Nurturing the Future of Prosperity - Research and Markets

DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "India

Chemical Fertilizers Market Outlook, 2021" report to their


This report gives an in-depth analysis of Chemical Fertilizers industry

in India

With nearly 1.2 billion population, India requires a robust, modernized

agriculture sector to ensure the food security to its population.

The fortune of fertilizer industry is highly dependent on factors such

as population growth, government policies including incentives and

subsidies to lower the cost of fertilizers to the farmers. The

fertilizer consumption in India has generally exceeded the domestic

production in both hire a plumber nitrogenous and Phosphatic fertilizers, except for

few years. The entire requirement of Potassic fertilizers is met through

imports, as India does not have commercially feasible sources of Potash.

India mainly imports urea, DAP & MOP.

The Indian fertilizer industry has played a pivotal support role in the

Indian agricultural industry. The growth in the use of chemical

fertilizers amongst the farmers has been the secret of nation's green

revolution in the late of sixties. The main fertilizer used in the state

includes nitrogenous fertilizers, phosphate fertilizers, potash

fertilizers and complex fertilizers. Today India is the third largest

producer and second largest consumer in the of fertilizers in the world.

The fertilizers industry is distributed between three major

participants' viz. Private sector undertakings, public sector units and

cooperative societies.

The Government of India subsidizes fertilizers to ensure that

fertilizers are easily available to farmers and the county remains

self-sufficient in agriculture and food grain production. The same has

been achieved largely by controlling the price of fertilizer and the

amount of production.

Key Product Type:

Nitrogen Fertilizers

Phosphate Fertilizers

Potash Fertilizers




Key Topics Covered:

1. Executive Summary

2. India Chemical Fertilizers Market Outlook

3. India Nitrogen Market Outlook

4. India Phosphate Market plumbing dc Outlook

5. India Potash Market Outlook

6. India Chemical Fertilizers Product Market Outlook

7. India Economic Snapshot

8. Market Penetration

9. Raw Material

10. Manufacturing Process

11. Policy & Regulatory Landscape

12. PEST Analysis

13. Channel Partner Analysis

14. India Chemical Fertilizers Market Dynamics

15. Market Trends & Development

16. Competitive Landscape

17. Strategic Recommendations

Companies Mentioned

- Coromandel International Ltd.

- Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited

- Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited

- Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Limited

- Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers Limited

- National Fertilizer Lim

For more information about this report visit

2 weeks ago

What Does a Patent Attorney Do

The biggest risk that faces someone who invents something new, today, is the danger of someone shamelessly copying the invention and selling it as their own. With the rise of intellectual property, the abuse of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) has become even more profound and it is imperative for the owner of such property to protect their property through any means possible. This is where various Patent and Copyright laws come into the picture, and this is what makes the job of a patent attorney a highly sought after one.

2 weeks ago

John R. Pitts Launches Texas Star Alliance

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, John R. Pitts announced the formation of Texas Star Alliance, a

firm that provides successful legislative advocacy for the 21st


Mr. Pitts explained, "In the past, it was enough to rely on direct

lobbying and political involvement to enact legislative change. Today,

that's not the case. Organizations must now win the hearts and minds of

citizens as well as lawmakers and I believe an approach like ours - one

3 weeks ago

Wisconsin Golf Club Features $9.11 Special On 9/11 Anniversary (PHOTO)

A Wisconsin golf course decided to run an ad in the Wisconsin State Journal Monday featuring a sale "to commemorate" the 12th anniversary of the September 11th attacks that killed thousands, according to a tweet from Huffington online golf shops Post blogger Josh Orton.

The play golf online golf course, Tumbledown Trails, planned to offer customers a 9-hole round for $9.11 and an 18-hole round for $19.11 cheap golf equipment on the anniversary of the tragedy.

And when does this deal expire? "9/11/13." Here's a photo of the advertisement:

Once multiple news outlets and blogs discovered the advertisement, Tumbledown Trails issued the following apology Monday night on its Facebook page:

tumbledown trails

The post wasn't enough for some.

"You do not 'celebrate' by offering 'deals' for golfers to go out and enjoy your course,"

Elizabeth Swihura-Murray wrote on Tumbledown Trails' Facebook page. "Those of us who lost loved ones would never use this day for personal gain."

The golf company did not respond immediately to a request for comment by HuffPost.